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Speak Softly Love is the main theme music of The Godfather movie. Whilst its instrumental variant is simply known as “The Godfather Love Theme”, “Speak Softly Love” is the song variant. The beautiful words were written by Larry Kusic and the passionate music itself was written by Nino Rota. The theme appears numerous times in the movie, more often that not as an instrumental piece.

I grew up knowing that The Godfather movie exists but I’m not interested enough to actually watch it until I read the book. I was absorbed by Mario Puzo’s description of the underground world, by politics, some sex, and tons of violence. So absorbed, I would love to be a part of a strong and powerful family such as Carleone’s. I could be their family’s exclusive musician. (I just thought.)

After watching the movie, the main theme really made an impression on me. I find myself humming it, learning the lyrics of the song, and listening to its different versions. It never fails to amaze me. It sounds different every time. I thought that I will just listen to it as usually, but ended up doing an arrangement. Hence, this solo guitar performance video.

P.S. I actually watched the trilogy.

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The Godfather Music Sheet Album Art copyThe Godfather Love Theme 
Arrangement for Solo Guitar


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The Godfather Love Theme music composed by NINO ROTA
Performed by
Paul Adrian Moldez: Solo Guitar
Arrangement written & produced by Paul Adrian Moldez
Audio recorded & mixed by Paul Adrian Moldez
Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing


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