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Spanish Romance is a popular piece for solo guitar. It is also called by its other names such as Romanza, Romance D’Amour, and Romance de España. Currently, the authorship of the piece is in question. It is suspected however, that it is an instrumental guitar work from the 19th century. Spanish Romance’s earliest recording is on a cylinder. It was made in Madrid sometime between 1897 and 1901. It was titled “Sort-Estudio para Guitarra por S. Ramirez. More likely than not, the name “Sort refers to Fernando Sor, for Sor’s surname is sometimes also spelled Sort or Sorts.

Spanish Romance comes with a lot of names. Every time I perform it, people always come up to me and ask what is its title only to find out that they have a different name for it. It never ceases to amaze me how come people managed to give it too many names! Besides the names that I mentioned above, there’s more such as: Fireworks, Forbidden Game, Romance of the Guitar, and I believe many more will come as long as I perform this in public. 🙂

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Video Clip: Paul Adrian plays Spanish Romance
Composer: Anonymous
Solo Guitar/Adaptation: Paul Adrian Moldez

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