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What would you feel if you lose your husband/wife to your own mother/father? Some say, their life would be shattered, there’ll be no reason to move on for you’ve been betrayed by someone who’s supposed to protect you. Whilst others say, such thing isn’t possible so they couldn’t care less. As for me, I must say, honestly, having no firsthand experience of the incident, all I can do is just to think about it and imagine how painful the tragic incident is. I think whatever that feeling is; more likely than not, it will be a severe heart break, which is probably what Amelia (the woman in this solo guitar music’s story) has dealt with.

The sad story is about Amelia died with a broken heart. She lost her husband to her own mother; Amelia was distraught and committed suicide; but before doing so, she wrote her will of testament, stating that she chose to leave her husband to her mother. She wrote: ‘Perquè el tingueu en cambra com fa molt temps que feu’, which means ‘you can have him in your bedroom, as you have already been doing for a long time’

It is said that her mother poisoned her however, it’ll be a contradiction to the incident for Amelia has written her will therefore, she already knows that she was about to die.

Rest assured that no tears were shed in making this solo guitar music entry. I found it challenging to record a decent take though. I got watery eyes every time I was about to finish playing the piece for the last part of the piece the writing reflects that there, Amelia is ‘dying’. So, I’ve done countless retakes until I was able to control the emotion that’s needed in order for this piece to be worth your time and attention. I hope you’ll find it pleasing to your ears.

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